Welcome to Kudos Blends, Kudos Blends

Welcome to Kudos Blends

Kudos Blends is the leading developer and supplier of industrial baking powders.

With a high level of technical excellence we’re proud to support industrial baking worldwide with our unique range of baking powders which improve taste, appearance, volume, texture and shelf life.

Through continuous scientific development we’re also passionate about helping bakers solve any baking powder challenges they may have, especially in relation to sodium reduction.

To find out more about wholesale baking supplies and baking powder innovation, please explore the various pages on the site or call us now on:

01299 271 333.

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events centre

Leatherhead Food Research will be holding an 'Innovations in salt reduction' conference on April 29th.

Siobhan from our technical team will be presenting a seminar on "Hydrophobic Potassium Bicarbonate – The new sodium-free leavener for bakery products". 

Read more here.

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