Raising Agents

Developed and produced by scientists and bakers at our manufacturing site in Shropshire, England our raising agents improve the taste, texture, quality and shelf life of chemically raised goods.

Solving current and emerging industry challenges, we combine expert knowledge of chemistry and baking to provide a range of products for many different applications. Choosing the right raising agent blend is key to optimising end product quality. By looking at the chemical reactions that control gas release within a dough or batter, our chemists and bakers work together to create blends that can influence a wide variety of end product characteristics, including volume, texture, shape, colour, pH and shelf life.

With an extensive range of standard products and the ability to create custom blends suited to any process or application, Kudos has a baking solution to meet every need.

  • PELL™ Baking Powders

    Specialised blends to optimise end product quality, including gluten free and organic compliant baking powders.

  • PELL K™ Baking Powders

    A range of low sodium baking powders that help bakers to produce healthier products without affecting quality.

  • KUDOS™ Potassium Bicarbonate

    The healthier alternative to sodium bicarbonate, available in a number of grades for specific applications.

  • KUDOS™ SALP Replacer

    Specialist acidulant blends developed as an aluminium free replacement for sodium aluminium phosphate.