OPUS™ SALP Replacer Acidulants

OPUS™ SALP Replacer Acidulants have been developed using a specific blend of leavening acids to provide a low aluminium replacement for sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP) that is suitable for use in bakery applications. The unique combination of acidulants provides a match for the distinct reaction profile of SALP and also gives the same end product characteristics. Reaction rate of acidulants in baking is crucial to ensure the quality of the product is not compromised.

Customer Benefits of Using OPUS™ SALP Replacer Acidulants

  • Gives a resilient yet tender crumb with a fine cell structure and no grittiness
  • Neutral flavour profile with a clean aftertaste
  • Maximises end product quality by replicating the reaction profile of SALP
  • Reduces aluminium content whilst maintaining end product quality