Technical Support

Kudos’ wealth and depth of experience in both the chemical and bakery industries keeps us at the forefront of bakery technology.

By considering the fundamental properties of gas release, batter and dough rheology, ingredient interactions and heat transfer, Kudos are able to continually develop innovative blends for the global market.

Test bakery and laboratory

A purpose built test bakery and laboratory facility provides the ideal environment for our team of chemists and bakers to work on all aspects of product development, from developing a blend in the laboratory through to on-site customer trials.

Going beyond product supply, we work with our customers’ development teams to provide advice and support on a wide range of topics.

Our technical support includes:

  • Ingredient rationalisation
  • Recipe reformulation and re-balance
  • Sodium reduction strategies
  • Process alteration and improvements
  • On-site training sessions for technical and production staff

By sharing our knowledge and experience with customers, we help them to optimise the performance of the raising agents that we supply.