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Kudos Blends is the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of technically driven leavening agents into the global bakery sector.

Founded in 1999, our UK technical centre brings chemists and bakers together in a unique way to fully understand ingredients and their functionality. Through extensive and continuing investment in product development and innovation we can provide lower sodium content baking powders, a complete alternative to sodium bicarbonate and blends to provide higher potassium level content. Understanding the whole bakery process and the relationship between different ingredients ensures we continually develop highly functional leavening agents that deliver so much more than just making your product rise. Our leavening agents can influence a wide range of end product characteristics such as taste, texture, colour, shape and shelf life.

We develop, manufacture and supply bakery ingredients for industrial plant bakeries to commercially produce chemically leavened goods, our market leading products improve the quality, consistency and nutritional profile of our customers’ portfolios, helping to satisfy their needs for cost effective performance and meeting ever changing consumer demands for healthier goods.

Our technically driven leavening agents can contribute to the health and wellbeing of consumers, reducing sodium intake and promoting healthier lifestyles making us industry leaders whilst remaining true to our core values.
Innovation and invention, tried and tested results place us at the forefront of driving change in the bakery industry.

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